Record of 25 cats, one with a Little Buddy

It’s May 1, and today we counted a record number of 25 caterpillars, all munching away on our half dozen or so milkweed plants. Well, two are not munching away because they are in the J phase so they stop eating before turning within a day into a chrysalis.

It may help that we’re also tamping down the predator population with our new anti-wasp technique — grab the emergency butterfly net, snag the wasp, give it a stomp. Too bad we can’t love all insects equally, but being Monarch supporters we are unapologetically partisan. Wasps are not the only bad guys, but they are plentiful right now so we are being vigilant.

With so many caterpillars feasting at once, some are running into each other. Fortunately we have plenty of leaves, no problem. These two ended up on the same leaf. I call this image Little Buddy.

lighten Llittle Buddy